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j. cole - apparently

Текст песни (lyrics):
I keep my head high
I got my wings to carry me
I don t know freedom
I want my dreams to rescue me
I keep my faith strong
I ask the Lord to follow me
I ve been unfaithful
I don t know why you call on me
This is my canvas
I ma paint it how I want it baby oh I
This is my canvas
I ma paint it paint it paint it how I want it nigga
Fuck you cause there
There is no right or wrong only a song
I like to write alone be in my zone
Think back to Forest Hills no perfect home
But the only thing like home I ve ever known
Until they snatched it from my mama
And foreclosed her on the loan
I m so sorry that I left you there to deal with that alone
I was up in New York City chasing panties getting dome
Had no clue what you was going through how could you be so strong?
And how could I be so selfish I know I can be so selfish
I could tell by how I treat you with my girl
Damn she so selfless but she put up with my way
Because she loves me like you do
And though it don t always show I love her just like I love you
And I need to treat you better
Wish you could live forever so we could spend more time together
I love you mama
Apparently you believe in me you believe in me
Apparently you believe in me and I thank you for it
Another day another rhyme ho
Another day another time zone
Today I woke up feeling horny so it s only right
I got two bitches playing on my trombone
Keep up never sure where the words would take me
Niggas eat em up and regurgitate me
Shit jumped tight never slurred it lazy
Give a virgin the urge to rape me
Nigga please
Best friends really make great for enemies
My watch came niggas can t wait for one of these
I see you nigga this ain t no Rolex it s a AP nigga
I m hot dog catch up to me nigga
Uh couldn t resist
Aim for the stars and I shouldn t have missed
But I was riding on fumes so I stopped by the moon
Now I m sitting on the hood of this bitch
Like thanks for the view
Waiting on thanks from a few cause without me you wouldn t exist
You know that shit gave you the blueprint don t forget
Cole is your phone on zero percent
Going off now niggas showing off
Niggas swear they hard but they flowing soft
I m taking off like boning on a big ass Boeing
Getting head like a coin toss
Too easy
Добавлено: 2014-12-29 22:04:42

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apparently by j. cole
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Когда: 29-04-2015 21:42:41
(популярность песни, повторы: 90 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 15-08-2015 20:03:01
(популярность песни, повторы: 78 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 26-07-2015 11:43:28
(популярность песни, повторы: 43 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 19-07-2016 07:56:38
(популярность песни, повторы: 27 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 18-05-2016 08:18:58
(популярность песни, повторы: 4 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 31-07-2015 14:21:51
(популярность песни, повторы: 4 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист
Когда: 29-04-2016 21:07:08
(популярность песни, повторы: 2 раз)
что играло сегодня, плейлист

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lyrics for songlyrics for apparently j. cole

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