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dj quik - tonite

Текст песни (lyrics):
Here we go
Yo a day in the life of a player named Quik
I m just a stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick
And just because I drink the 8 they say that I m hopeless
But I don t give a fuck so blame it on the locust
Now this is how we do it when we checkin a grip
Teddy Bear s in the house so don t even trip
We re bustin funky compositions as smooth as a prism
So check it while I kick it to this funky ass rhythm
It s Friday morning the phone is ringin off the hook
And AMG is puttin down girl rhymes in his notebook
Or should I say dope sack because we don t bust wack
I pick up the phone and it s the D
(Whassup nigga?)
He said he s comin down at about two on the dot
So I m about to rush the tub while my water s still hot
And now I m soakin a brother like the devestatin DJ Quik ain t jokin
Fuck with me on DSP and you ll get broken
My name is Quik but you can call me Daddy
Yo open up the door they think I m Freak Man in a Caddy
Now Freaky s in an El doggin shabbies in at Alco
And everybody s sippin on a quart
(Here we go)
D just came with a forty and a quart
In addition to the three that Greedy just brought
But I don t wanna start early so I just might
Put my forty in the freezer cuz I wanna get bent tonite
Tonite s the nite tonite
Tonite is the nite tonite
Tonite s the nite tonite
(Yo when we gon get bent)
Tonite is the nite
(Aww yeah)
And now I m out of the tub up in a fancy freak
Spray on some serious and put on my Girbaud jeans
Sweat suit the gray one with the burgundy trim
And it s a medium fit me proper cuz I m nice and slim
Five thirty on the clock and the sun is steadily sinkin
And I am steadily thinkin about the 8 that I ll be drinkin
You know I ain t ashamed and you know I ain t bashful
So go on and pop the forty so I can pour me a glassful
Ham is in the bedroom rollin up a stencil
Fatter than a pinky and the length of a pencil
Freakie lit it up and hit it one two three
Shabby took a hit and then they pass it to me it s the bomb
Yo I can feel my senses get numb
Yo fuck the forty ounce I need some rum
I m chillin like a villain here I come and that s how I m livin
Tonite is the nite and I m lookin real sporty
Proper Friday evening and I m ready to party
Crusher came in with a handful of snaps
Fuck it let s shoot some craps
(Yo what they in fo )
A fin or a half
(Yo shoot that ten nigga)
Don t make me laugh
Hi-C want a dove and he think that shit is funny
But I m seven and eleven and I m takin niggaz money tonite
Tonite s the nite tonite
(Yeah watch me fuck the hoe)
Tonite is the nite tonite
(Passin naturals on motherfuckers)
Tonite s the nite tonite
(Yo I m unfadable)
Tonite is the nite
(Ahh let s break it down so I can get funky)
Ahh yeah
Givin em somethin they can roll on hold on
Wake up Saturday morning and I got a headache
I can t believe that I m sick from all the shit that I drank last nite
Soon as I felt it comin on
I should quit it s true that a drunk ain t shit
To the man up above the whole thanks I give
I ll never drink again if you just let me live
Mike P spoke to me and I said I couldn t call it
Call it Earl like a mother while I m grippin the toilet
I need a 7-Up because my head is spinnin
Round and round I think I better sit down
My homey Shot is alright but I m feeling faint
I guess he s used to it but a nigga like Quik ain t
K is on the phone and Teddy s at the door
Some fine ass bitches comin over at four
(I thought you ain t drinkin no more)
Yeah right
Because as soon as they come we doin the same ol shit tonite
Tonite s the nite tonite
Tonite is the nite tonite
(Straight gettin fucked up hey)
Tonite s the nite tonite
(Fuck that pass me that pina colada)
(Man I don t wanna fade that 8 Ball no mo)
Tonite is the nite tonite
(That shit be fuckin a nigga up)
Tonite s the nite
(Ahh yeah nothin but a party and I m kickin it)
(What s up Pete and Greg)
Tonite is the nite tonite
(How you livin ?)
Tonite s the nite
(Hey somebody get that nigga a Genuine Draft)
Tonite is the nite
(And on that motherfuckin note I m outta here)
We out fuck peace nigga give me another brew
(What about peace?)
Добавлено: 2013-09-17 08:00:00

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tonite by dj quik
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